Firm History

Gretchen Stranzl McCann never forgot what it was like to be a client. Early in her career she worked on resort and hospitality as well as healthcare and residential projects where she gained vital planning, document and construction administration skills.
Additionally she served as a city park planner for a number of years. Many times she was the client, hiring other firms. Carrying that memory and experience allows her to intimately understand and respond to a client’s needs today.

Gretchen and her team know that exceptional design must be achieved within the parameters of the project budget. There is no option. With experience and desire to focus on work for the public sector, Gretchen started GSM landscape architects, inc. in 1997, and leads a team of exceptional professionals to serve clients throughout the Western United States.

GSM enjoys the challenge of leveraging limited funds in projects to create sustainable and memorable outcomes. Extraordinary people skills enable GSM project managers to lead multidisciplinary design teams to work together toward synergistic results. Communities and private sector clients marvel at what can be accomplished without going over budget and always delivering on time. “Many firms promise this,” says Gretchen, “but for us it’s simply a way of life.”

Clients consistently seek out GSM for their expertise in the following types of projects:

“It would be difficult to find a firm who lives out its beliefs and values as well as GSM landscape architects, inc. It is fitting that the business model for GSM is taken straight out of the environment. Look at any thriving, natural habitat and you will see the following characteristics: maximizing resources, smooth interplay of organisms, conservation, sustainability and beauty. GSM applies all of these principles to the team members, resources and objectives of every project. “

– Bill Truby, President & CEO of Truby Achievements, Inc.